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About the company:

CRAY VALLEY is part of the TOTAL Group, FRANCE and are resins leaders in the world market.

  • No. 1 in Gelcoats
  • No.2 in unsaturated polyesters and photocure resins.
  • No.3 in Hydrocarbon resins.

This activity gives employment to about 4000 people and generates sales of 2.2 Billion Euros. (2006 Figures)

They have a widespread presence, having manufacturing units based in the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Three organizations produce and market Total Resins: SARTOMER and COOK COMPOSITES & POLYMERS, mainly in the United-States and CRAY VALLEY, elsewhere in the world.

Reactivity and Innovation at CRAY VALLEY:

The research aims to:

  • Develop and optimise products for our customers' traditional applications

      (coatings and composites)

  • Develop products for new applications (elastomers, materials, etc.).

Both areas work within the constraints of current and forthcoming environmental regulations.

CRAY VALLEY offers the two following main types of Hydrocarbon resins:

  • NORSOLENE Range of Hydrocarbon resins
  • WINGTACK Range of Hydrocarbon resisns


The Cray Valley Resins cater to the following main Markets:

  • Hot Melts
  • Adhesives
  • Rubber Application/ Tyre Industry
  • Paint Industry
  • NC Floor tiles
  • Shoe Soles

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