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About the company:

PB Gelatins, part of the Tessenderlo Group and is involved in the manufacture and production of high quality gelatins.

PB stands for Pont Brûlé, the site where the company started its operations in Vilvoorde, Belgium.

PB Gelatins, the world’s third largest gelatin producer, can provide all types of gelatin (acid and alkaline) used in the most important applications.  The company has six plants worldwide manufacturing the various different kinds of gelatins:

Vilvoorde (B): This plant produces acid gelatin from pigskins and pigbones, as well as speciality gelatins. In the bone degreasing installation, pig bones are stripped of all fat. Then they are further processed in the ‘acidulation’ and ´liming´ units to ossein.

Treforest: This plant process the ossein from Vilvoorde into gelatin.

Nienburg: Here also processing of ossein into geltin is done. In addition,  gelatin is also prepared from cattle hides and pigskins. The Nienburg unit produces alkaline and acid gelatin, cold soluble gelatins as well as a range of hydrolysates.

PB Leiner USA: This unit produces porcine gelatin and a full range of porcine hydrolysates.

PB Leiner Argentina in Santa Fe specialises in alkaline and acid beef gelatin.

PB Gelatins (Pingyang) Co., Ltd : This plant in China was bought over by PB Gelatins in 2006, with a view to producing high-quality gelatin.


Gelatin has the following benefits:

Uniquely multifunctional. Gelatin has numerous properties which make it ideal in many applications. It gels (gel-sol reversible), thickens, stabilises, whips, sticks, forms films, binds water and is compatible with other hydrocolloids. Its film forming properties are used specifically for hard and soft capsules, as well as in photographic applications.

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The Gelatin finds application in the following fields:

  • Food
  • Pharma
  • Photo
  • Cosmetcis

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