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Satma PPC  is located in Goncelin, in southeastern France and is focused on catering to the requirements of Electrolytic Capacitor industry .  They manufactures quality capacitor foils with aluminium purity of 99.99%  ! and has been constantly focused to do its utmost to  provide customers with best possible services, quality and price.


SATMA was founded after three prominent figures joined forces  Mr. Coquillard, an aluminium rolling-mill operator, Mr. Jeanson, a capacitor manufacturer, and Mr. Cartoux, an industrialist. Together, they developed a business producing engraved, anodised sheets, used as electrodes in electrolytic capacitors. They also started manufacturing Anodised aluminium sheets, aimed at the particularly demanding lighting sector, has from the outset constantly been at the leading edge of TECHNOLOGY and innovation.

Pechiney (later acquired by Alcan ), at that time one of the leading private industrial groups and which had been keeping a close eye on the alpine SME's first steps, decided in 1965 to buy it out and make massive investments. Now Satma Capacitor Foil Division
has now become a company of its own under the name of Satma PPC.

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Manufacturing Range  of Satma PPC

  1. Etched and  Formed Aluminium Foils for High Voltage & Motorstart Capacitor.
  2. Etched aluminium Foils
  3. Tab Foils – Formed & Unformed

With a view to cater to complete requirements of the customer, Satma PPC has also undertaken trading activity for various other capacitor raw material like Low Voltage capacitor foil, Paper, etc.

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